2022 was the year that saw the world of independent magazines materialize the very strong creative wave born in 2020, which, on the other hand, has not left us immune from significant unforgettable events. It is the year of inflation which very well manifested itself on paper costs, of war, of getting back on the track of normal life, and lastly, of tyrant times. And our top 10 of the best-selling magazines on Frab's in 2022 tell us, willy-nilly, some truths:
  • well-constructed projects with a solid community as a foundation can achieve excellent results right away, 
  • influencers are a hit-and-run phenomenon that certainly involves the press, and  
  • in Italy, we have some excellent projects that deserve to become magnificent international sensations.
Here, finally, are the top 10 best-selling magazines on Frab's Magazines in 2022. Let’s have a look:

The BranD magazine, published in Hong Kong, is one of our timeless must-haves. Featured in all of our top 10 lists since the early days of Frab's, this year, it comes with an issue on the matter- Layout Design. This magazine is Mecca for graphics designers and technicians in the sector. It's a collection of excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphics, Interior, Architecture, etc. A well-built and printed object of study and professional interest for many creatives.

A Magazine Curated By is the Belgian magazine that renders each issue to the hands of readers a big name in fashion. it has entrusted its 23rd issue to Francesco Risso, Creative Director of the Milanese fashion house, Marni. Colossal and elegant in style, it has bewitched hundreds of readers. It is a perfect candidate to become another collector's item. One day we will remember this magazine as one of the greatest masterpieces of fashion memory.
  • 8th - Slanted 38

The German publisher Slanted has been dealing with the latest trends in graphics and design for years. The publisher's magazine, which takes the name Slanted, deals with the most varied topics in each issue. This number 38 was a superb bombshell. Entirely dedicated to colors, with a super catchy cover, it entered the hearts of even less professional readers for its in-depth analysis of color combinations. The issue is an ode to happiness, the joy of life, and power showing the gradients of symbolism and their meaningful implications.

This issue literally was a blockbuster. An independent fiction magazine directed and edited by Matteo Bianchi, a well-known writer, and television author. This self-printed magazine contains unpublished and explosive stories by promising Italian authors. A small magazine created for the pure taste and pleasure of beautiful writing can be your coffee companion for perusal.

From time to time, we tell you about Mulieris because it is one of the case studies on how to start an independent magazine. Mulieris is not just a magazine it's a community with immense contacts, relationships, and mutual human esteem. A community that finds its amulet of fidelity and love in the carnality of the paper, in the timeless finiteness of the press.

Mulieris is an Italian magazine with an all-female editorial team that explores different themes related to gender issues women face in society in each of its issues. The strongly presented gender-related issues and the under-representation of women that they have to deal with, even in the sphere of the art world, with the help of different art forms.

Whether you love it or hate it, Carnale is a magazine without compromises. It boldly reproduces, enhances, and shapes the vision of the two photographers who materialized the project. Carnale is a magazine, a style, and an entire concept, and it is on its way to becoming a full-fledged community. It serenely makes an out-of-the-ordinary event come alive in its pages and in its shots that a reader would find difficult to take its eyes off. 

Its issue no. 2 with the title motel brings the same to life. Each of its chapters figuratively represents a room of a motel put together by a different form of media that attracts the attention of the reader. 



Idyllic, elegant, Parisian, a serene dream of a dreamer all these can be used to describe the magazine's design, concept, and the beauty it holds in its pages. Blumenhaus is a magazine dedicated to the world of flowers and their ethereal beauty that always leaves one mesmerized. In its third issue, Blumenhaus is already an international success that’s reining the hearts of horticulturists, botanists, and anthophiles along with people who have an eye for the beauty of nature.

This magazine is a product born from a small independent studio, which has managed to make its way through the most loved magazines through the indisputable quality of its contents.

A magazine that is already a collector's item and will never be reprinted again. Gabber Eleganza is the archivist of the Italian rave culture. The Gabber Eleganza magazine was a delightful discovery for Frab's in this 2023: a masterful collection of graphic and communicative finds that take you on the journey to the world of clubbing at its peak a few decades ago, this number 2, The Great Revelry, in particular, has bewitched us with a poignant cover of the Venial Sin of Cesenatico.

Seriously! What does Frab's have to do with Vogue?

The world of paper publishing is evolving very rapidly. Often, the most underground worlds affect the most mainstream titles. And what this most famous magazine has done is an unequivocal signal that the paper of the future will become a storytelling tool in a disruptive way compared to the past.

In this issue of the English edition of Vogue, a man appears on the cover for the first time in the print version. The issue can come up with a number that drives hundreds of fans crazy if this man is a Timothée Chalamet in his splendid form (not always paper enthusiasts, it must be said).

The winning magazine in 2022 is one of the publications that Frab’s supports every year. The first position is the symbolism of how the excellent quality of the content makes a difference, even when the network is very young and at a nascent stage. Better exposure is indeed required to get to this position in the rankings. However, since we see it as precisely our function, so we gave this magazine greater exposure opportunities by ranking it as what we deem is best.

Born from the idea and enthusiasm of the young Editor-in-Chief Sara Augugliaro, Dàme is a magazine that manages to talk about women's bodies in an eccentric way. It aims to create a debate around normalization and acceptance of your body, prevention from discrimination based on stereotypical beauty standards, gender boundaries, sexuality, and inclusion. Also, it plays a role as a symbol of fashion and culture among readers. This first issue, dedicated to the belly, and number 2 on the theme of legs.
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