Which are the Italian cities where the independent magazines purchased on Frab's are read more? We have drawn up the ranking of Italian cities where independent magazines are read more assiduously purchased on our website, from January to July 2020. 

The world of online publishing has been dominated for years by Amazon, which with its volume of sales often provides data on the phenomenon of reading in Italy, but does not specifically intercept the independent periodical publishing market. High sales costs on platforms for publishers and numbers of little significance for those like Amazon and other large online book retailers who are used to thinking about high volumes, make independent magazines a niche little considered by official statistics. 

Frab's is the only exclusively online retailer of independent magazines in Italy and, with a growing capillarity of distribution, we now have statistically relevant data to provide information on the purchasing behavior of such a niche editorial product. 

So we have chosen to elaborate some statistics on unique customers of the first 7 months of 2020 at our disposal and make them available to those in Italy who want to know, understand and better understand our world (if you have a business, art gallery or concept store and are interested in having the magazines in our shop write to info@frabsmagazines.com). 
In fact, independent magazines today represent a very specific and targeted market niche, which feeds a very particular market. Independent readers are looking for a product that first comes from quality and a specific passion for content rather than commercial ambitions. The independent magazine, despite its periodic character, is an editorial work that almost always has value over time and has no expiration dates despite the periodic frequency. It is a rich, serious, elaborate and very in-depth study on specific issues that sometimes allows the avant-garde to express themselves and emerge better than the web, where the amount of information and the logic of clickbaiting do not always allow the best contents to emerge.
We felt that it was the right time for Frab's to come out into the open and start representing the reality of this sector with numbers, also to provide useful information to small publishers or to exhibitors who would like to approach it. 

But let's get to the point and start immediately from the top step of the ranking. In the first place of our ranking for orders in relation to the number of inhabitants is the city of Cesena. The "home" effect, being us from nearby Forlì, and the work of Bluklein, an art gallery in the center of Cesena that believed in us and sells our magazines, played in favor of this first place in the Frab's ranking.

Next comes the city that perhaps everyone would have imagined on the top step. Milan and independent magazines have a long relationship that makes this city an ideal cultural hotbed for independent publishing. This is where the commercial history for independent magazines has solid roots over time and where industry-leading events take place. Milan is the second city in Italy for unique customers in relation to the inhabitants on Frab's. And also the city in Italy with the absolute largest number of purchases of independent magazines on our portal

In third place among the cities with purchases in relation to the number of inhabitants we find Bologna: a position on which the sales of the first publication of Frab's Publishing, Urbarïum Semen, whose author Virginia Viapiano is a Bolognese doc. 

The rest of the ranking sees Trento in fourth place, followed by Padua, Vicenza, Reggio Emilia, Ravenna, Bergamo, Florence and, in eleventh place among the statistically relevant data, Forlì.

Rome wins, after Milan, the second place in Italy as the city with the most unique customers ever on Frab's. Turin, Bologna, Verona, Forlì, Florence, Naples, Cesena and Padua follow her. 

This the ranking of Italian cities with the most unique clients of Frab's independent magazines in relation to the number of inhabitants, from January to July 2020:

  1. Cesena
  2. Milan
  3. Bologna
  4. Trento
  5. Padua
  6. Vicenza
  7. Reggio Emilia
  8. Ravenna
  9. Bergamo
  10. Florence
  11. Forlì

This is the Top 10 of the cities with the most absolute unique customers on Frab's, always from January to July 2020:

  1. Milan
  2. Rome 
  3. Turin
  4. Bologna
  5. Verona
  6. Forlì
  7. Florence
  8. Naples
  9. Cesena
  10. Padua


The data refers to the first 7 months of 2020, from January 1st to July 31st, the sample is of 1,200 unique customers of our website www.frabsmagazines.com. The data is provided by the statistics of the SaaS used to create our website and the ranking was drawn up by weighting the number of orders with respect to the inhabitants of the Municipality. Subscription orders are excluded. 




    August 23, 2020 — Dario Gaspari

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