Telling you about the magazines on the blog, on social networks and on the product pages is a job that may seem simple, but which in reality requires hours of commitment and dedication. However, it is also the way that allows us to delve into a little-known world in Italy and to look beyond the hedge of our narrow niche of magazine lovers. Frab's was also created to help small publishers tell and tell about themselves, letting them find a new channel through which to make known the beauty of their work.

And so, after you asked for it in a recent survey, from today you will find the "5 minutes with Frab's" available on our channels, small videos that are used to explain the magazines to the public and get to know the faces that are there. behind.
They are videos created by us with the intention of making you hear the voice of the authors, true intellectual souls behind the masterpieces that we make available to you.

Natassa Pappa, creator of Desired Landscapes it's a great way to start this journey. We asked her how her magazine was born, but also some great advice for those who want to try to launch their own independent publication. Natassa will not hide from us that it is tough, but if you remember why an editorial project is so important to you, all the difficulties take a back seat. 

Here are our five minutes in his company:




May 02, 2020 — Clean Canvas Collaborator

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