There is the paper that chases the digital and then there is the digital that, instead of running, learns to mix and hybridize with the paper product with results that surprise for quality and originality. Archivio Contemporaneo, far from using the magazine form in an anachronistic way, represents a successful experiment, perhaps unique in Italy, of this second way of publishing. 
The result of more than a year of research on contemporary art, Archivio Contemporaneo is the new magazine launched by the Roman creative studio Visioni Parallele. Always open to hybridizations between different languages and artistic visions, the team of Visioni Parallele told us something more about this new project which, as they explain, is not a point of arrival, but only another starting point for making art. .

How would you describe Archivio Contemporaneo to those who don't know you?
Archivio Contemporaneo is a limited edition paper and multimedia catalog, the result of an independent project carried out for more than a year. We could describe it as a hybrid product, a reflection aimed at investigating the relationships between visual arts, 3D, graphics, AR, VR, photography, video and design. We like to define Contemporary Archive as a collective of ideas that coexist in parallel through visual and multimedia contents, a visual and conceptual laboratory in which to experiment and elaborate new visions and perspectives of reality.

What is the magazine's goal?
The goal was immediately to define an alternative narrative path, while at the same time offering a selection of the most experimental and interesting artistic experiences of contemporary creativity, cataloged over months of research.

archivio contemporaneo

The structure and layout of Archivio Contemporaneo are truly particular and trace the graphic cages of the programs used by artists to create their works. Paper and digital almost seem to intertwine. How important is the relationship and dialogue between these two worlds for you?
Contemporary Archive it can certainly be defined as a hypermedia product between digital and paper. The two aspects interface by building a close exchange in each phase of the project: from conception, through printing, up to fruition, defining each other without ever excluding each other. Indeed, for this first publication, a virtual proposal of the magazine was created: those who buy it will be able to see an exclusive Virtual Exhibition created by the Japanese artist Jackson Kaki and the possibility of enjoying some works in augmented reality, a work developed by the collective of Artificial Humanism. .
Our studio has always had an attitude and particular attention aimed at investigating this "fracture". The research carried out in recent years in the exhibition proposal and in the selection of creatives fits perfectly into the connection of these two worlds (the material and the digital one), fascinates us and represents for us a continuous and necessary process.

What can we find in this debut issue?
In this first issue, different places and languages have been related, landscapes are defined in which the common space-time boundaries change to define six different imaginaries: MetaSpace, Human non-human, Unreal is the new real, Third Self, Crudo, Matters still matters. These worlds populated by a constellation of more than seventy international artists are introduced by six pens from the contemporary artistic circuit: Cristiano Leone, Donato Piccolo, Emilia Garito, Filippo Rosati and David Koh, Giacomo Guidi, Gianluca Marziani, Giuseppe Armogida and Sebastiano Leddi.

archivio contemporaneo

Ritual question: why a print magazine in an era dominated by digital?
We have always been fascinated and great supporters of paper projects: the book as an object, but also as a means of communication and above all of expression. Archivio Contemporaneo was in this sense a simple and spontaneous choice, we could define it as the synthesis of what had up to now been a digital reflection.

What are the projects (present and future) of Parallel Visions?
At the moment we are carrying out all our productions but our goal is a series of events and collaborations aimed precisely at launching Archivio Contemporaneo. From December 7th, the date on which there will be the first physical release at Palazzo Brancaccio (Rome), several meetings will take place to give life to the research built in recent months.

Archivio Contemporaneo can be found exclusively on Frab's WHO

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November 24, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
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