The integral 2


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L'Integrale is an independent Italian magazine of bread and culture conceived as a series of magazines-books. Bread, which has always accompanied and intertwined with human stories, becomes here the horizon and the pretext for exploring the things of the world through essays, reportages, stories, photographs and drawings. Each issue consists of a part dedicated to longforms, signed by Italian and international authors and authors, and a final part of fixed columns, including that of recipes "experienced" by bakers and the photographic column of Fontanesi. The illustrations, which run through all the pages, are created specifically for the magazine.

Dimensions: 17x23 cm
Pages: 112
Italian language

The second issue of the Integrale tells of the fury of diets towards carbohydrates, and towards our natural inclination to love them. Explore the complex history of the host as a supernatural bread and that of toast as the embodiment of food capitalism. It makes a state of the art on artificial intelligences applied to doughs and on grain improvement techniques that have alternated over the last century. It tells of diseases and hallucinations caused by ergot for centuries and of the bloody stories that, in myths and contemporary literature, are set in wheat fields.

Inside number 2:
- Carbophobia: every diet declares war on carbohydrates
- Smart doughs: what if the computing power of artificial intelligence was making the bread? 
- Eat them all: a journey to discover the host between mysticism and magic
- For a rye horn: crops infested with Clavices Purpurea have caused disease and visions, cults and legends for centuries
- Cosmology of toast: from practical and fast food to the flag of capitalism
- The spirit of the wheat: stories and rituals during the harvest
- The age of the forest: from a resource of peasant agriculture to abandonment
- Seeds to be redone: journey into crop improvement techniques
- The evolution woman: a prehistoric fictional tale
- Mechanics of flour: rhythm of shapes and colors in the movements of the flour
- Rubrics: places of bread; plants and people; lived recipes