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Dàme is a new independent magazine Italian founded by Sara Augugliaro and published by Frab's Publishing.
A necessary magazine that deals with the women's body (including the LGBTQIA + community by this term) from different points of view - personal experiences, artistic and photographic projects, fashion collections - with the aim of creating a debate around normalization ed acceptance of your body, prevention to discrimination, gender boundaries, sexuality, inclusion, but also itsthe role playing fashion and culture in self-perception and others.
The goal, therefore, is to represent a change through independent publishing, for fight for social justice in which physical, gender and origin differences are not supported as such, but protected because quality essential to arrive at full inclusion.

Body positivity is not addressed in the magazine in its mainstream meaning and is not disclosed in a manner 'Shouted' and 'imposed'. THEa body positivity to which Dàme hopes is that original, back to dismantle the concept of beauty and i canons of the performance feminineAnd. Dàme does not 'scream' others to love each other unconditionally: try to rewrite simply the way of representing women in media today so that the diversity become normal and chooses the printed paper to discloseAnd this newto representatioborn.  

Between pages of Dàme you can find insights e interviews with ordinary women, designer to artist *, who reflect on the relationship with one's own body and that of others and one's experience as human beings.

In the debut issue of Dàme we talk about the belly, which is nothing more than the starting point for deepen themes more general and complex. Among the pages of Dàme magazine, nnot only is the diversity of our bellies shown, from abdominals to fat and pregnant bellies, but issues related tod essa such as the menstrual cycle and gender identity, sexuality, age and fat phobia.
This issue of Dàme therefore seeks to discover stories, symbols and stereotypes related to the belly and raise awareness i readers on the vision of women and their forms.

The publication include labor taxes by Jennifer Guerra, author of Capital Amoroso, Chiara Meloni, activist, illustrator and founder of Beautiful in the faceVeronica Yoko Plebani, atleta paralimpica, MySecretCase sex toy e-commerce, and many others.


Dimensions: 23.5 x 16.5 c
Number of pages: 180
Language: English + insert with Italian translation
Edito Frab’s Publishing