Beggar n.7


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Accattone explores the minor practices of the world of art and architecture through the specific means of the print magazine.
Considered as a sort of exhibition on paper, each issue brings together a series of contributions whose shared positions towards reality, history and its representation resonate with one another.
In the panorama of non-commercial publications, Accattone's originality lies in its strong visual orientation and high degree of experimentation, which crosses the methods of artists-iconographers with emerging architectural practices.

Accattone is an independent magazine born in 2014 from an idea of the architects Sophie Dars and Carlo Menon and of the graphic designers Ismaël Bennani and Orfée Grandhomme, joined in 2019 by the architect Galaad Van Daele. Through six issues and several side projects, the magazine has obtained several international awards.

Dimensions: 24 X 32 cm
Number of pages: 196
Soft cover
English language

Accattone number 7 deals with open-air domestic spaces and the diplomatic hospitality of the earth. It presents intellectual and architectural projects, contemporary and historical, for alternative ways of living.
With Costantino Nivola, SNCDA et al. at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Aglaia Konrad, Alice Paris on De Smet Vermeulen, Osamu Ishiyama and Kenji Kawai, TEN, Wim Cuyvers, moilesautresart, DSCTHK, Piovenefabi, Emmanuelle Chapan Piriou on Superstudio, Carlo Goncalves on Smiljan Radic, The Museum of Mistakes on Panoramic Wallpapers Arakawa & Gins and Zuber.