Monday 20 January 2020, 20 magazines at -20%. Good news, right?

Monday 20 January 2020 is Blue Monday. Cliff Arnall is the psychologist of Cardiff University who in 2005 published an article by his signature in which he described a mathematical equation to determine this day. Based on factors such as the distance from Christmas, the weather conditions, the ability to bear accumulated debts, one's personal bankruptcies and lack of motivation, he identified the worst time of the year in the last part of January. The media hype turned this research into a single day annually and called it "Blue Monday". 

This year, Blue Monday falls today, Monday 20 January and, although Arnall's theories have been criticized more or less harshly by some of his colleagues and we certainly have no scientific notions to establish where the truth is, we thought that a small antidote to sadness of this time of year is always welcome. 

So here's to you, just for today, 20 magazines with blue covers discounted at 20%.

All you have to do is put them in the cart and enter the code at checkout BLUELOVE2020

Here are the 20 magazines in blue discount:

The Travel Almanac
N + 1
Crazy issue 2 
The Second Shelf
Fantastic man
Genda 3
Frankie 91
Archive 4
Run Wild
Passports of the islands
Record issue 6
Positive news

Happy Blue Monday of editorial beauty from Frab's Magazines & More


January 20, 2020 — Dario Gaspari

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