Finally the second publication published by Frab's publishing is in print and we are proud to be able to soon have all 300 copies of Barlume in our hands. 

To the question "what is Barlume?" We can answer you briefly that it is the photographer's bookzine Michele Arrabito, with stories by Giada Biaggi, Matteo Bianchi, Nicola Feninno e Ivan Carozzi.
But we would also like to tell you that Barlume is a very particular editorial creature, the result of a carnal and somewhat mysterious passion that leads to being able to grasp beauty where others do not see it, as Michele does when he captures the nocturnal flashes in a shot, a a bit brutalist and a bit noir, from the Milanese suburbs.
Michele Arrabito is a fashion photographer who likes to shoot and catch unexpected glimpses, enjoy the rather random geometries that social housing architects and municipal technicians have unwittingly constructed. Michele, he showed us a different side of things. Behind that strange passion he had collected a good number of enchanting and romantic shots, distinctive of his way of being and of interpreting things through photography. 

And since we are very attached to words, we asked Michele that his work could flow together with the alter ego of the photographs: the written text. So, alongside his images, we have inserted 4 stories by as many authors who we asked to imagine traits of life in the places of Barlume (and beyond) and to transform them into words. We had fun when we read them all together, spun, because they told the strange joys and the most human feelings that even the most apparently insignificant places can express. 

Now that Barlume is almost ready we can say that we are thrilled, happy and thrilled to have chosen it as the second publication of Frab's Publishing.
Barlume is ready to slip into the buildings that he himself portrays, enter through the letterboxes or the concierge, go up the stairs, immerse yourself in a bubble and make you feel the desire to radiate as the light does from your indistinct windows. A project that tells us about the suburbs of Milan in reality of many other suburbs in the world, subtle and human as only Barlume can be.

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May 30, 2021 — Frab's Magazines & More

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